Carpad: An Italian Story,
a tale of excellence

Company: paper bags production

Sharing excellence

Carpad S.p.A. has its roots in Fontaniva, Padova, where it was born 30 years ago.
Here has its headquarters

It is closely linked to the Venetian area and to its strong and determined character: the Carpad team has the fiber of hard workers, professionals who always do their best to innovate and grow the company day after day.
Carpad S.p.A. today is the European benchmark in the paper bags production with a premium catalog for retailers, clothing and the food industry.

A leadership achieved in time, grown year after year - from 1983 to today - thanks to new acquisitions, major investments in advanced machinery, new certifications that have allowed the company to plan and develop a continuous process of expansion even on the international market.

The source of all, has always been: an almost obsessive attention to the quality. The raw materials, the cellulose fiber, finished products, logistics, customer service.

The excellence and attention to each detail, the passion and the great life force of the company: these are characteristics to create paper bags of excellence, products that increase business for those who rely on Carpad.

square meters

First of all, The paper

Precision. Speed. Personalization.
Here is what's in every "Made in Carpad" Shopping Bag

Carpad is a story
made of paper
delivering times

Each shopping bag produced, indeed contains the sap of values ​​of the company.

The paper is the beginning of all things, symbolizes the thickness and fiber of the company, determined to give the best, always. For this Carpad choose precisely the best suppliers on the market, able to guarantee a selected raw material for an excellent paper and an integrated production chain of generic and personalized shopping bags.

For this it offers all the flexibility required to respond quickly and efficiently to increasingly specific demands, personalizing a wide range of products, with printing and delivering times ever faster.