From raw material
to the delivery.
The Safety of total quality.

The production of paper bags

The excellence of Carpad S.p.A. is expressed in every phase of the paper bags manufacturing process. Starting from the paper selection for the production.

It must be exclusively with long fibers, to guarantee maximum resistance and the highest quality level. It shall have an excellent calendering, to ensure the perfect printability.

The suppliers used are highly certified, "green" because they cared about the environment and provide an integrated supply chain, from tree plantation to the paper reel.

A continuous cycle in which each point becomes a strength.


Technology at the service of quality.

Carpad guarantees the best possible print quality, due to best technology and the attention to innovation.

• the latest generation of flexographic printing machines, for a perfect print on paper bags

• automatic mixing of colors and archive formulas using specialized software

• external printing in four color process up to 8 colors, for your own personalized paper bags

• internal printing, for a total personalization

• water-based protective varnish

• UV varnish

• inspection check for the color endurance with digital measuring systems.

More than 1,000,000
shopping bags per day

1,000,000 reasons for choosing Carpad

The manufacturing of paper bags is made with a unique attention to ensure ergonomic shopping bags, with strong handles and bottoms perfectly squared and glued.

• rapid and flexible automatic lines, able to produce both standard and special sizes

flat handle, twisted handle, turn over top handle

b bags

• daily production capacity: more than 1.000.000 paper shopping bags

Industrial Sacks:

A strong Excellence

Sacks for the industry:

• With or without handles

• Double paper layer with the possibility of free-film, a polyethylene barrier that enhances the deaeration during the closing of the bag, allowing a better protection of the contained products

hot melt to the mouth of the bag, which allows an optimal sealing of the bag

• hatch with easy-open, for a fast ripping opening, precise and simple

• punched handle on the bottom: application that allows to punch the handle on the patch on the bottom of the bag to ease the grip.

Carpad produces a wide range of industrial sacks: litter sacks, flour sacks, charcoal sacks, pet food sacks, seeds sacks, for adhesives, small sacks for cement, dry food sacks and for paper collection.

Shopping Bags
Ready in stock

4,000 square meters of covered warehouse and a storage capacity of around 5,000 pallets of finished product ensure immediate delivery of Carpad paper shopping bags and any item in the catalog, even the most specific and also in large quantities.

Logistics management enables direct delivery of personalized bags at all points of sale agreed with the customer: stores, department stores or franchise business.

Customized solutions

Discover all sizes and types of paper shopping bags